Curriculum Development & Education Strategy

Working with our clients, we assess needs, help refine the audience, and devise curricula as well as education strategies that meet objectives and allow learning to become more intrinsic to the business. By systematically planning and organizing what will be taught and which activities and methods will be used, we produce content that effectively enables professionals to learn and retain information. One of the blueprints developed by Lori Greene while at Netflix enabled the streamer to scale education to a global audience in more than 20 countries on six continents. The approach could be a full course of study, a webinar, an event with speakers, a video, or multimedia content all conveying enticing educational material. No matter the vehicle, we unleash impactful curricula that make a difference for learners.

Examples from lori greene's time at Netflix

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Educating the Sami Film Community on Scheduling & Budgeting

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Assistant Editor Training in Jakarta

E-Learning & Video Development

Education that stimulates the senses and brings fun and excitement to learning helps everyone absorb information better. That’s why our alluring digital content relies on entertaining narratives to teach simple to complex concepts. We come to LPG edu from both a production and training background with experience in using storytelling to move audiences. That’s because we know that if it’s not evocative and compelling, then it won’t ignite imaginations and be remembered. Whether a series of videos, an elearning course, a podcast, or a recorded conversation, material that LPG edu produces leads to retention and strong results.

Live Courses & Workshops

LPG edu provides innovative and best-in-class learning experiences that can scale. Our team has conducted live training sessions for professionals and emerging talent all over the world utilizing educational templates that can move anywhere that they’re needed. These tailored, in-person or virtual courses help participants learn new skills, gain confidence, and empower them to do their jobs better. Running from a few hours to several weeks or more, each workshop and course is developed based on specific goals and needs.


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Music Supervisor Course in Mumbai

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Post Supervisor Course for The Middle East, Africa, & Turkey